On May first of 2014 along with my fellow contributors we started I’m the primary editor, image creator, branding specialist, social-media maven as well as having the awesome task of assigning post topics each week.


This website has long been a dream for me, and I’m glad I have the chance each morning to edit and design each post. We like to motivate people to get moving and to take care of themselves, and I hope to add more writers in the near future. Come visit the site and pretty soon you’ll be lacing up your tennies and running your favorite routes!

One Thousand Shades of Blue:

I just started another Tumblr website: One Thousand Shades of Blue. And yes, the title says it all – I’m collecting blue swatches, and posting one a day, starting with my home environment, and when I’ve exhausted that avenue I’ll be branching out into the wide blue world. Yes, this project will take a while, but I’m already at 22 swatches, each different and lovely to look at. I simply love Tumblr for how quick and easy it is to set up a page that displays any sort of creative project one desires. And, it’s free!


She Put on a Brew:

Each week this year I’m creating a digital collage to go on my Tumblr site: She Put on a Brew. For this project I’ve been reading British female authors published works from the 1930s/40s/50s/60s — afterwards selecting a passage from the book that resonates.


50 States of California:

In 2014 I started a project called 50 States of California where I’d create designs in the shape of the bear on the state flag. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and time-consuming job! To see the bears cavorting please visit them at: bears bears bears