One Thousand Shades of Blue


A while ago I was hit with the idea to collect 1000 shades of blue from my immediate environment and then from the world at large. I figured Tumblr would be a good place to house my blue swatch collection so started a new site: One Thousand Shades of Blue.


Each Sunday I take 7 new photos of blue objects incorporating a scarab necklace for continuity. Once I had the design format to how I liked it, setting up each swatch doesn’t take much time, and I do them all at once — then post a new swatch each day. Yes, the project will take about 2 and a half years, but after that I’ll have 1000 different blue swatches – Bonus! I highly recommend Tumblr for creative projects as it’s free to set up the site, and a treasure trove to search for inspiration.