It’s About Time…


This week on MoveGirlGO we’re focusing on what time is the best for working out, with each contributor having a different viewpoint. For each post I used a clock face but configured each one to go with its post in a cohesive manner. First up was Mizzfit who is a morning runner but knows that everyone has their own time that suits them best, so her takeaway is that – Now is the time to get moving:


For our Tuesday post one of our contribs is on break after a move from Hawaii to Washington D.C.!! so Mizzfit, after some research into time discovered the CDC’s recommendation of 150mins per week of exercise which breaks down into about 20mins a day:


On Wednesday, LaFitterina reports back after taking a quiz to determine when’s the best time to workout that it’s as she thought – high noon is her time to break a sweat:


As our final writer for the week on the subject of time, Ms. Bockle’s the one to ‘fess up that she’s having a hard time finding time to exercise – her life is too darned busy…


On the site’s landing page under the heading, “Latest” – here’s what all 4 look like with a brief intro to each post:


And of course I have to share one of my last California bears from my Tumblr site as it’s also clock based. All 50 of my bears were finished in 2014 and they’re all hanging out together in all their ursine glory!


Thanks for stopping by to check out my latest time-based projects!