Strike while the Inspiration is hot


Early this afternoon I was hiding away from the sunshine in the library – wishing for clouds and rain – when I noticed this old gent in front of me with his houndstooth shirt and carefully combed hair. And SHAZAM!! I thought of houndstooth, herringbone and plaid for my next bears.


Once home, after scratching my cat lounging in the dastardly sunshine, I broke out the wacom tablet and immediately got busy, and didn’t stop until all 3 designs were up on my  Tumblr site: 50 States of California.  The icing on the cake was searching for the latin equivalents for all 3 textile designs.

Ursus Canisdentisilis aka Houndstooth


Ursus Clupeaosilis aka Herringbone


Ursus Scotityrusilis aka Scottish Tartan


I hope the next time a light-bulb goes off in your noggin you hop to it and get your idea down on paper, concrete, wood, metal, plastic, vector, bit-map – whatever grabs your fancy. Cheers!