6 new bears


As promised I’m including a grouping of the first 20 bears from my Tumblr site, 50 States of California

. I had to alter colours to create a cohesive grouping and quite like how they came together.


After the grouping I’ve gone onto create some of my favourite bears yet, giving them playful less-than-scientific based names like Ursus Pegasusilis for this golden winged one:


and on the suggestion of a pal who likes to play around with words, the Ursus Nomadicus, i.e. a California Bear Rug – based on an Uzbek rug design:


This good bear is Ursus horribilis reincarnated as a grass-munching milk-producing holstein-heifer:


For the iron lovers amongst us I chose to do a curlicued wrought iron version based off of a Mexican Gate found in an old interior decorating book by Verna Cook Shipway.


For bears who like to frolic in flower gardens I paper and digitally collaged this multi-hued oasis for them:


Lucky #26 hails from the Eagle Nebula. I love to peruse images on the NASA website and as long as the images were taken by a government telescope they should be ok to use for us regular peeps. It’s fascinating to see the natural colours of space, and this aqua and fuchsia hued nebula was a perfect fit for Ursus Cosmolilis:


Thanks for checking out all the new bears, they do like to put on a show, are quite an extravagant bunch and very good to hang out with. To see them in their natural glory please visit them in their Tumblr habitat. Cheers!