5 New California Bears


Today was a bonsella kind of day over on my Tumblr site: 50 States of California. I’d been working with india ink and Pacific seawater for a couple of weeks and decided today was the day to make some new bears. I love the moment right after I apply the clipping mask and voila, a new bear shows up, so thanks for that Missus Adobe.


I like how the india ink reacts with the seawater, and amused myself with creating a fish scale pattern with seawater that fishes had recently been swimming in…

And this guy looks like he’s been dipping his muzzle into some potentially sketchy water – wonder what glade he’s been hanging out in, or what kind of camper’s food he’s been foraging in…?
And every ten bears I use found paper, and in this case for #20 it was fuchsia snakeskin paper.

For my next trick, I’m going to see how my current 20 bears look grouped together, and if it turns out close to well, maybe I’ll let you see! But for now, to see all 20 bears please visit the site, and take a stroll amongst my California Ursus arctos horribilis.